Current Projects

FireAirport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Project 04-26
“Uncontrolled Terminal Evacuations: Planning, Response, and Recovery,” subcontractor to Salus LLC. (pending publication)

Program for Applied Research in Airport Security (PARAS) Report 0042
“Force Multiplier Strategies for Airport Law Enforcement,” subcontractor to Quinn-Williams LLC. PARAS Report 0042 published December 2022.

ACRP Project 02-98
“Airport Energy Resiliency,” subcontractor to Hanson Professional Services, Inc.

ACRP Project 03-68
“Integrating Contingency Plans for Small Airports,” subcontractor to B. Riley Advisors.

PARAS Project 0051
“Guidance for Airport Security Exercises,” principal investigator. (pending publication)

PARAS Project 0048
“Electronic Storage, Submission, and Approval of ASPs and Regulatory Compliance,” panel member.